Holistic Health and Energy Work for Goddesses and all who want to feel like one again.

Live at your own rhythm.

Eat according to your unique body type.

Use your breath.

Practice the right


Maintain the daily routine that is right just for you.




Celebrate your life, Goddess!

Hello Goddess!


The most exciting journey is the one to your inner self. Explore the real you and learn to live in harmony with your feminine body, menstrual cycle, sexuality, mind and soul and awaken your full potential to live life as the goddess you truly are.


I support anyone who identifies as a woman to empower herself and step fully into her magical power.

In addition to regular yoga classes, workshops, and online programs, I offer 1:1 coaching, which is also my specialty. These coaching sessions are very specific to you and your individual needs. We will work closely together over an extended period of time.


Over the years I have developed several tools to work with the feminine energy and raise your vibration and inner power. I want to support you to live your life healthily, happy, confident, sensual, and wild.

As you tap into the power of feminine energy, you will find it easier to find and live your dharma (life purpose) and realize your dreams.


I am a certified yoga teacher, Ayurvedic coach, holistic nutritionist. But I see myself mostly as a free spirit, life lover, and energy worker who celebrates life and embraces being a woman. Since I started teaching yoga, I've noticed that many women don't live in harmony with their female bodies and sexuality. Sometimes, they unconsciously refuse to be women. Which is so sad, and I want to change that.


Working with women is so fulfilling, and it's just delightful to watch the transformations and see the inner goddess come back to life.


I didn't seek this work - it came to me and is also my own story.

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