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Eat according to your unique body type 


practice the suitable rituals

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Hello wonderful!


The most exciting journey is the one to the inner self. Explore the real you and learn to live in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit, and awaken your fullest potential to live life as your highest self.


I am a yoga teacher, Ayurveda coach, holistic nutritionist, free spirit, and life artist.

In short - I use different methods to work with your energy and raise your vibration so you can live a more fulfilling life and realize your dreams.



Since 2015 I dedicate my life to Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, different healing techniques, and other spiritual philosophies like the 'Akashic Records', A Course in Miracles', 'The Work', or Abraham Hicks exists.


Today I live my dharma, which is to empower people to remember who they are and return to their essence. I have come to support you in rediscovering your inner wisdom, reactivating your intuition, and connecting with your SAT NAM - your true identity.


I have different tools in my treasure chest, and everyone gets their package of tools mixed just for you - their personal smoothie with the individualized content, so to speak!


Before coming into my true potential, I often struggled with my personal vulnerabilities. When I was a kid, I had a weakened immune system and was constantly sick. Nothing serious, but I remember often feeling powerless and exhausted. It was that feeling of powerlessness. Also, the constant sense of not "making it" and being overwhelmed by society's expectations. This led to anorexia in my teens - I wanted to hide and not exist. I recovered from that relatively quickly, but I continued to suffer from psychological eating disorders for many years. That's why nutrition is such an important topic for me today, and I think it's essential to address this on an emotional level.


So I experienced again and again how my body collapsed from overload and I didn't know how to deal with the energies. Also in adulthood, I suffered several breakdowns in different forms—Insomnia, exhaustion, various illnesses, hypothyroidism, panic attacks, chronic pain, and so on. 

For many years I lived in an environment where I was constantly overstimulated - working 10 hours a day and needing a drink in the evening to calm down. Being sick was not accepted in my workplace, and I was made to feel guilty. It is a conditioning of our society and my concern today is to turn those beliefs 180 degrees. 


Selfknowledge and Self-care instead of self-destruction.


I have left all that behind me. I have made my weaknesses and experiences my strength, and I want to support others with my knowledge and life experience. 


I am a projector, and I am good at managing other people's energies. I immediately sense other people's strengths, and I can work with them and support you. Also, I am an empath, and it is my gift to listen and empathize with people.


I am here to support you. I listen to you. I work 1:1 with you. Together we work out your program to reactivate your inner strength. I support you where I can, but you who do the work in the end.

Does that sound good to you? I'd love to see you in one of my public of and online yoga classes, a private  Yoga or Meditation Class, Workshops, or in a Ayurveda Lifestyle or Kundalini Coaching, Akashic Records reading or Healing Session

Book a free 15-minute Zoom Call and ask me all your questions, then decide if I am your confidant.


All love and don't forget - Raise your Vibration!!!!




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