Zwei Frauen

Celebrate your uniqueness and create the best, healthiest, most authentic and radiant version version of yourself!

Learn to manage stress better


Live at your own rhythm

Eat according to your unique body type

Maintain the daily routine that suits your body and mind type 

Unlock your true potential

Get in harmony with yourself and nature


Live in alignment with the different phases of your menstrual cycle


The most exciting journey is the one to the inner self.

Explore your uniqueness and learn to know and understand your unique mind-body and energy type. 

I support you on your journey of self-healing and becoming the best version of yourself.


Live your life in harmony with nature, menstrual cycle, mind, and spirit, and awaken your full potential to live life as the Goddess you truly are.



Hello, I'm Daniela and I'm very happy that you have stumbled upon my page. This is definitely not a coincidence. 

Let me guess, you are looking for tools that support you in everyday life to feel

really healthy, vital and good in the long run?


Then you've come to the absolutely right place!

Over the years, I have explored Ayurveda, nutrition, various forms of yoga, and energy healing techniques and, of course, tried them on myself. 

I work with different tools, and each of my clients gets their very own smoothie, so to speak, with the right ingredients tailored to them. Because in my opinion, there is no 'one size fits all,' and everyone needs a different approach to raise their vibration and activate their full potential.


I want to support you in living your life healthy, happy, confident, sensual, and wild.

When you tap into the universal power of feminine energy, you will find it easier to find and live your dharma (life purpose) and realize your dreams.


I work holistically, incorporating body, mind, and spirit.


Working with women is truly fulfilling, and I find it deeply fulfilling to watch and witness the transformations.


I didn't seek this workout - it came to me and is also my own story.

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