Hi, I my name is Daniela and I am a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach.

Already in my childhood, I was curious and could not get enough from discovering foreign, mystique, and unknown.  Early on, I wanted to have as many different experiences as possible. Luckily I grew up in a family who loved to travel. Therefore I did already see a lot of places very early in life.
The passion of traveling brought me to my first job. Since my apprenticeship, I've been working as a Travel Agency with direct clients. Thanks to all the different clients every day, I could gather an excellent knowledge of human nature.
The uniqueness in each person was always most important to me, and I made sure I maintained very personal contact with each of my clients.
This job has prepared me perfectly for my new role as a Yoga teacher and Health Coach.
Yoga came 2007 into my life and has blessed my life ever since. I fell in love with this technique immediately; it gave me a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and trust. Something I have been looking for my entire life.

I did rush through my life for a long time, and Yoga helped me to deal better with stress and to balance my life, which was very intense and stressful at the time.
2014 I knew something had to change, I felt exhausted, empty, and lost, and my body was getting ill all the time, and I suffered from a Hypothyroid. At the same time, I found Kundalini Yoga as thought by Yogi Bhjanan, also called the Yoga of Consciousness. Yoga introduced me to Ayurveda around the same time. A daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda gave me the strength and power to finally make the necessary changes in my life, of which I was so afraid of for years.
Everyday Yoga became more important to me. After my first completed Yoga Teacher Training (Kundaliniflow lead by Tania Sturzenegger und Bela Pete) in 2015, it became clear to me that I would follow the Yoga Path. 
Numerous Pieces of training as Yoga Teacher and Health Coach followed.

With the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga, everything made so much more sense. Even though this knowledge is thousands of years old, it could not be more up to date. 

Ayurveda and Yoga helped me to overcome fears, addictive behaviors, unhealthy habits and much more.
Today I apply Ayurveda not only in my days but also in my Yoga Classes.  I see it as my privilege to share it with you, so you can live the life you're meant to live.

Sat Naaaaam,
Daniela Puran Sita

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