Ayurveda is an ancient over 5000-Year-old complete Health System of the Indian Subcontinent. It takes a look at everything in life, and the Teachings are based on experience over thousands of years. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease.
Ayurveda looks at the Human Body as a part of the 'everything'. A human is a little display of the Big Universe - a microcosm from the macrocosm (Universe). Not only do we find these elements everywhere around but also IN ourselves.
From this perspective, everything is beautifully connected and already perfect in itself.
 The 5 Elements: 

  • Aether (Space)
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

Every Human on this planet has a unique distribution of the five elements in her/his Body and is, therefore a unicum. To stay healthy, we try to keep the elements in balance.

We can find out which Dosha you are by analyzing which of the elements are dominant in you.  But remember, we all have all 3 Doshas or all 5 Elements in us.

The Doshas:

  • Air and Ether = Vata
  • Fire and Water =  Pitta
  • Earth and Water = Kapha

There is 2 different Ayurveda looks at it, the Dosha given by birth (genes), and the one which is out of balance now. We are looking at both.

Individuality is, therefore, one of the essentials in Ayurveda. For every client, we use uniquely adjusted recommendations, always with the main goal to bring back his/her organic balance. 
You will feel more connected to the body and the whole.    
If we learn how to live in harmony with the Elements and the Seasons, we can feel the natural connection of all. In such a state, everything can float again. 
You find your Flow again!


Yoga and Ayurveda are sisters!

I am helping you to apply the magical and simple Tools from Yoga and Ayurveda in your everyday life. I can do it and so can you! Since Yoga and Ayurveda belongs to my daily life, I am much more relaxed and in peace with myself than ever.
Of course, I also have a bad day sometimes, but that's just how life is and to be perfect is far from our goal. I believe it's only essential to know (and then apply of course) the magical Tools which bring us back to our inner peace.
This toolbox is full of Yoga and Ayurveda Knowledge I want to support you and share it with YOU. I will show you how to soon dwell in your own energy and power again. See Ayurveda Lifestyle Coachings for more details.