Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is also known as Yoga of Consciousness.
In ancient times this Yoga was kept as a secret, and only royals were allowed to practice these precious Teachings.  
Kundalini Yoga is my big love! A Kundalini Yogas Class always includes the following:
A Kriya (specific exercises), Pranayama (Breath Techniques), Savasana (Relaxation), and Mediation. Meditation can be in silence, but a lot of times, it's an active form, we use Mudras (Hand Positions) and Mantra (Sound Currents). 
Every Kriya and also Meditation is dedicated to a particular subject.
To tell you all possible Subjects is impossible but here a few examples:

  • Reduces tension or pain in the back, shoulders or neck 
  • Diminishes anxiousness and stress
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Reduces and prevents headaches
  • Balances the Hormones
  • Helps to deal with all forms of addictions 
  • Has the power to change habits
  • Increase vitality and universal consciousness

Kundalini Yoga Lessons are fun, easy, and each time different.
The main focus is always on the experience of each individual and not how perfect a Pose looks.

The exercises are applicable for everyone; you don't even have to be flexible or have any Yoga knowledge.

Kundalini Yoga works super quick and is therefore very good for impatient people who want to feel results immediately.

Give it a try and awake the true potential in you.
I love to surprise my students with ayurvedic tipps ore lifestyle tipps from Kundalini Yoga.

I teach several Group Classes and offer Private Yoga lessons.