My Story

Before I became my own healer I have often struggled with myself and my body and what it means to be a girl/woman in a world dominated by masculine energies.

I was a dreamy, shy child and super sensitive. I immediately felt the energies of other people. I loved to observe the adult people around me. The interpersonal fascinated me incredibly.


Because of my fragile body and weak immune system, I was constantly sick. Nothing serious, but I remember often feeling drained of energy and exhausted. It was this feeling of powerlessness. The constant pressure of school and society's expectations crushed and overwhelmed me. I felt pushed into a stressful system when all I wanted to do was be in nature, dream, dance, create and be with the people I loved and listen to their stories.


When I got my first period - I was so proud, and it felt like a miracle to me. But no one really told me about the magic of the cycle, and no one wanted to talk about it. It was tainted with shame - something to hide. Today I know that it is a woman's most precious treasure.


In my teens, I began to reject my own body and became anorexic. I wanted to hide and no longer exist. I recovered from that relatively quickly, but I continued to suffer from eating disorders for many years. A pressure I put on myself, I wanted to fit in and look a certain way to feel worthy and control myself. That's why diet is such an important issue for me today. However, for me, it's much more important than just looking at the nutrients. I think it's essential that we address the emotional issue here.


I started taking the pill when I was about 20, which made me feel super bad. I was depressed, had water retention, digestive problems, and was considered at risk of thrombosis. I couldn't find any support at the time, and I'm so glad I listened to myself and stopped taking them after a few years.


My cycle was irregular, and hormones messed up for years after that. When I was 29, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which I have been able to heal over the last few years with the right lifestyle, diet, and a lot of inner work.


Again and again, I experienced my body breaking down from overwork, and life felt like a constant struggle. For many years I lived in an environment where I was constantly overstimulated - working 10 hours a day and needing a drink in the evening to calm down. Being sick was not accepted in my workplace, and I was made to feel guilty. 

I suffered several breakdowns in various forms - insomnia, exhaustion, various illnesses, hypothyroidism, panic attacks, chronic pain, menstrual cramps, etc.


It is a sick conditioning of our society and my concern today is to turn these beliefs 180 degrees. 

There is absolutely no need for any of that. With the right lifestyle, mindset, spiritual tools, and above all, by diving deeper into our femininity, we can live a relaxed, fulfilled, and exciting life.


It is possible to feel good, healthy, fulfilled, and like a goddess. I celebrate today. I live in tune with my menstrual cycle and embrace my sexuality.

I always put my own well-being first. Feeling good is my top priority, and so should you! Because when we take care of ourselves, we can take better care of everyone around us.

Raise your Vibration, Goddess!!!!


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