On a path to my highest self


Before I knew the power of self-healing, I often struggled with myself and my body.

Just until a few years ago, I had a rather unstable immune system, and I suffered from sleep problems.

I also had various forms of addictions and was stressed


For a long time I had various forms of eating disorders. 


My menstrual cycle was irregular for several years, I could hardly concentrate, I was constantly burnt out and sick, and I also had an hypothyroidism.


But then I got to a point where it became crystal clear to me that I either had to change my lifestyle immediately or I was going to get seriously sick.

Fortunately, I decided to do the second thing and began an exciting journey into the world of Yoga and Ayurveda.


With an Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga some other spiritual tools and a lot of shadow work,

I created a new, healthy and radiant version of myself.


Honestly, I feel younger and more vital today than ever before.


Ayurveda helped me understand my unique body-mind and energy type and taught me ways to work with it, it allowed me to feel free. I finally didn't have to fit into a certain box, I could just celebrate myself.


All of a sudden I saw my own inperfect beauty and uniqueness and I learned to fully accept and love my imperfections.


In addition, I experienced that living in harmony with the menstrual cycle and the different phases  opened up a whole new magical world and had a positive effect on my health and life. Today I know that the phases of the menstrual cycle are the key to female health.


Kundalini Yoga and other forms of Yoga and Tantra have given me more inner strength, self-confidence, intuition, vitality and radiance and helped me to become aware of my energy and manage it much better.


I believe with the right lifestyle, knowledge of the female body, including the menstrual cycle, the right inner attitude and the spiritual tools that are right for you, we can all live healthy, relaxed, fulfilled and exciting lives full of joy and miracles.


It is indeed possible to feel fulfilled and like a Goddess. 


 For me, my well-being is my first priority, because only when I take care of myself can I take care of you and other people. 


So it's a win-win situation!


Raise your vibration, Goddess!!!!



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