Private Classes


Tale time for a date with yourself! This lesson is created just for YOU.
With a short briefing, we will figure out what is essential for you. 
It could be subjects like tension in the back, neck, headaches, or also things like doubt, anxiety, stress, to name just a few options.

A beautiful idea for the women is to adjust the practice accordingly to their menstrual cycle.

If you wish, you can, of course, leave it all to me and I will use my intuition and meditative state to teach you the lesson you need.
Duration 60 - 120 Minutes

Private Group Yoga Class:
Do you want to surprise your work colleagues with a Yoga Lesson just for your Team? Your best friend has never done Yoga, and she/he doesn't want to go to a Group Class? 



Meditate 1:1 with me. There are many different forms of Meditations, and I have collected a beautiful Backpack full of different varieties of Meditations.
Depending on the clients, I decide which form of Meditation I use. Sometimes I use guided meditations where we work with Energy, Light, or even Angels. Another time we shake our bodies or I use a walking meditation in nature, or we meditate in silence.

“Celestial Communication is a body-motivated language that totally relaxes your brain waves.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I have made very intense experiences with Meditations from Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga Master). In Kundalini Yoga, we use most of the time, an active form of Meditation, which includes reciting a Mantra while holding a Mudra (Hand Position) or use a Pranayama (Breath Technique). This way of Meditation is called Celestial Communication.

Never meditated before? You are just right here!
I love to introduce you to the magical world of Meditation. Meditation is the key to inner peace and happiness. I will show you how you can with only a short amount of time, establish a daily Meditation Practice in your life. With regular meditation practice, you will soon be able to deal better with stress, stay calmer in stressful situations.
After a short briefing, we will find out what kind of Meditation you feel most comfortable and will benefit the most.  

Duration 30-60 Minutes.



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