Detox your Body and boost your Immune System

Detox your Body and boost your Immune System

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Detox & strengthen your immune system with Ayurveda & Kundalini Yoga-
3 weeks online course. 🌟💟🐍💫

The course includes 3 different Kundalini-Yoga-Videos, factsheets and 1 x 60minutes personal coaching with me!

No previous knowledge necessary!

You can look forward to that:

🙏 Learn the basics about Ayurveda
🌿 Healthy
🏃🏾♀️Modern Ayurveda on the go
🧘♀️Experience the power of Kundalini Yoga
📿 Bring back simplicity into your life
💃 Getting the metabolism going
🔥 Improved Digestion
🌟 Boost the Immunesystem
🧚🏽 Letting go of what you no longer need
💪Strenghten the body for the winter
😍 Invest into your general health and personal happiness
💟 Make feeeling good  is your priority
💫 Raise your Vibration


The course is divided into 3 phases:

1️⃣Week 1 preparation week - What is Ayurveda? Attunement and preparation, setting of personal goal. We make first adjustments, organize the necessary food, spices and start to plan the next 2 weeks. You start to cultivate your own Yoga and meditation practice.

2️⃣Week 2 Detox-Week - We take a break and detox our body and mind gently with the right food and lifestyle. 
Focus is our Agni (digestive fire)

3️⃣Week 3 Strengthening of the immune system and preparation for a suitable lifestyle for the winter ❄️ -The focus is now on strengthening. Our lifestyle is now nourishing and strengthening - we create Ojas (vitality, joy of life, radiance)

  • Detox the Body & Boost your Immune System


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